Dental Emergencies in Idaho Falls, Idaho

No matter the lengths we go to in order to protect our teeth and keep them healthy, the unfortunate truth is that dental emergencies can still happen. If you are in the Idaho Falls, Idaho, area and experience a dental emergency, Stoker Family Dental is here to help you. Below is a list of some of the most common emergencies we see in our office and what we recommend in each situation. 

If you are experiencing a life-threatening emergency, please call 911 immediately. 

A knocked-out tooth can occur in many different ways, most commonly from participating in a physical sport or activity without tooth protection. If you lose a tooth, the best thing you can do is try to keep the socket moist, locate the tooth, and come into our office as soon as you can. In some cases, if treated quickly, the dentist can restore the original tooth. This will save you time and money from more extensive cosmetic procedures in the future. 

A broken or chipped tooth can either be a very serious or minor dental emergency, depending on the size of the break. Chipped teeth are also common in physical contact sports, but can also occur just by eating hard foods or using your teeth to open packaging. If you break a tooth, come into our office as soon as you can to get relief from the pain. In the case of breaking a large portion of your tooth, locate the piece and bring it in for possible reattachment. If that is not possible, other cosmetic procedures such as dental bonding will be considered to restore your smile.  

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An Abscessed tooth is a tooth infection that begins in your gums and spreads throughout the entire tooth. As the infection goes deeper from the gums into the tooth, it will eventually hit the center, or the pulp, of your tooth where the nerves are located. The infection will create a socket of pus that can make your tooth loose and unable to function, which may lead to a tooth extraction. If you experience excessive pain and swelling around your tooth, you may have an abscessed tooth. An abscess needs to be diagnosed by a professional, so do not hesitate to come into our office if you believe you have an abscessed tooth. 

Other dental emergencies may include a serious toothache, biting your tongue, or excessive bleeding after a procedure. Our family at Stoker Family Dental is here to address any need you may have, including emergencies. If you are in the Idaho Falls, Idaho, area and have a dental emergency, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.