Dental Sealants Stoker Family Dental dentist in idaho falls idahoDental sealants are a dental treatment consisting of applying a plastic material to one or more teeth for the intended purpose of preventing cavities or other dental problems. Sealants painted over pits and fissures in the chewing surfaces of back teeth block food, bacteria, and plaque from being trapped in areas where tooth decay is common.  

Dental sealants fall under a dental specialty called preventative dentistry. Many preventive procedures and treatments are specifically designed to protect your teeth and limit their risk of experiencing damage and decay. 


Dental Sealant Placement 

Placing a dental sealant is quick and easy. When placing a sealant, the most crucial part is to ensure that the tooth obtaining the sealant is completely clean and free of any decay. To ensure the tooth is clean and healthy, we typically place sealants right after routine dental cleaning and examination. 

Once your tooth has been examined and deemed fit and ready for a dental sealant, the first thing we will do is isolate your tooth. If you are obtaining more than one sealant, we will do one tooth at a time. Your tooth is then roughened up on the chewing surface with an etching solution. Etching will help the dental sealant material stick onto the tooth. 

From there, we will completely dry your tooth. Keeping the tooth dry is essential because the sealant is more likely to fall off if it gets wet. Once the tooth is completely dried, the sealant material will be applied onto the tooth’s chewing surface, especially in the deep pits. This material is used as a liquid and then hardened with a curing light. Curing the sealant material will make the surface smooth and prevent food from getting stuck and causing decay. 


Who Can Get a Dental Sealant? 

We commonly recommend dental sealants for children. Children have a hard time cleaning their teeth properly because they are still learning about oral hygiene and proper care. Sealants will make up the difference for children trying to remove plaque and food. 

But that doesn’t mean adults shouldn’t take advantage of them. At Stoker Family Dentistry, we might recommend sealants for any patient. It just depends on that patient’s dental condition. 

The best time to receive dental sealants is after a back molar or premolar has fully erupted. This time frame is different for all kids, but it generally happens between six and seven. It is essential to get the back teeth sealed right away to help limit the risk of early decay occurring.  


How Long Do Dental Sealants Last?

Dental sealants, if placed correctly, can last more than ten years. Sealants can fall off or become loose. When this happens, we suggest you receive a replacement right away. 


Dental Sealants for Great Preventative Dentistry

If you never received sealants as a child, or if your sealants have fallen off, we encourage you to make an appointment with us. Sealants are available to patients of all ages who want to take extra steps in protecting their teeth. 

Preventing cavities will keep your teeth healthy and stronger for a more extended period. It will also save you time and money on restorative dental work. 


Stoker Family Dentistry 

Each member of our team here at Stoker Family Dentistry is dedicated to helping you and the rest of your family have a healthy smile that will last for years to come. Upon receiving treatment at our office, we encourage all of our patients to take advantage of our preventative services, such as dental sealants. 

Please give our office a call with any questions. Make an appointment with us, and we’ll get started on restoring your smile.

Please give our office a call with any questions. Make an appointment with us, and we’ll get started on restoring your smile.