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Stoker Family Dental can provide the best recommendations for your teen’s teeth, especially when getting a straighter smile. We know there are a lot of orthodontic treatments available. And if you have done your research, we value input from you and your teen. What’s important to you is important to us. One great option we may recommend is Invisalign for teens. Invisalign provides a safe, effective, simple, discreet treatment. 

Invisalign is a great option not only for both adults and teens. Teens may appreciate the discreet, clear aligners that are hardly noticeable during smiling. 


Invisalign vs. Metal Braces for Teens

Metal braces may be the most often associated with teens and are more visible than clear aligners. Invisalign for teens may be a more comfortable option than metal braces too. They’re designed to be a perfect, non-invasive fit over your teen’s teeth. Your teen may forget they are wearing them. Plus, Invisalign can provide the same if not better results as metal braces. 

It’s also easier to get started with Invisalign. The dentist or orthodontist affixes each bracket to each tooth with metal braces and then runs the metal through each bracket. Once that’s done, the dentist or orthodontist tightens the wire. This can be a bit overwhelming for some patients.


A Simple, Effective Approach

Invisalign is a tried and true system. Your teen may love the ease of use and the freedom associated with clear aligners. That is because they’re simple and effective. Your teen can generally look forward to completing treatment and a fully functional, beautiful smile in around 24 months.


What is the Invisalign Process?

We’ll start with a consultation. Dr. Stoker and his friendly, professional staff will talk with you and your teen to understand all of your concerns. We will provide some recommendations to correct any malocclusions or misalignments and build a plan together.

Once you and your teen are ready to start, we’ll take molds of your teen’s teeth. We will use the molds to form a prescription which we send to Invisalign. Invisalign uses 3D modeling technology to sculpt several aligners using the latest, advanced materials that promote great comfort and results. The aligners will be clear, resistant to stains, and easy to clean. And, they’ll fit your teen’s teeth and smile perfectly.


Easy to Use

It’s easy to put the aligners in. Your teen can pop them into the mouth and use slight pressure to fit them down onto the teeth. That’s it! It’s all pretty much smooth sailing from there. Your teen can forget they are wearing them. The aligners will constantly work to improve your teen’s teeth.

Your teen will wear different aligner sets during each treatment course. The first set will be more “crooked” and slightly match for your teen’s existing teeth. As the stages and aligner set progress, each aligner is more and more “straight.” Each set is more and more in line with the final, intended, straightened teeth outcome. The clear aligners gently guide the teeth a little bit, similar to how metal braces affect tooth movement. 


Fast, Effective Treatment for Teens in Idaho Falls, ID

Your teen will keep the aligners in 22 out of every 24 hour period. They can remove them to eat, drink, or brush/floss their teeth. Your teen will come in for regular checkups during the process. We’ll make sure the teeth movement is going according to plan. We’ll answer any questions about the treatment process and address any concerns or discomfort (which are rare for clear aligners). 


Call us today to set up an Invisalign for teens consultation. We’ll make sure treatment is effective, comfortable. Invisalign clear aligners will keep your teen smiling. 

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