Teeth Whitening 

Not only do we want you to have a healthy smile, but we also want you to have a smile that you love and gives you confidence. Cosmetic dentistry consists of different services that can help you enhance and change the appearance of your smile. The easiest and least invasive way to enhance your smile is through teeth whitening. 

Over time, due to what we consume, how we take care of our teeth, and natural causes, our teeth can start to discolor and become stained. In some cases, this discoloration and staining can become permanent and the only way to correct it is through cosmetic dentistry. At Stoker Family Dental in Idaho Falls, Idaho, we offer our patients the professional whitening treatment of Zoom Whitening. 

Zoom Whitening 

We use Zoom Whitening due to its ability to deliver fast and lasting results, giving the patient little to no sensitivity. The Zoom Whitening process consists of two major parts: the in-office whitening and the take-home touch-up kit. 

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Whitening Treatment

Working closely with the dentist, you will decide on the desired shade for your new smile and a treatment plan. Once that has been set in place, you are ready for your whitening appointment. 

This entire procedure will last about an hour. It is recommended that you receive a deep, professional cleaning before your whitening session. We begin the treatment process by placing a protectant over your gums and lips, leaving all teeth exposed. Zoom hydrogen peroxide bleaching gel will then be applied to each tooth’s outer surface. 

To activate the whitening gel, a Zoom light is placed facing your teeth. The Zoom light will be activated for a total of 15 sessions for 45 minutes. During the time the light is activated, it will be penetrating the enamel of the teeth and breaking apart stains and discoloration. 

To conclude the in-office process, a sensitivity-reducing gel is applied to all of the teeth. In one treatment your teeth will become multiple shades whiter and brighter.

Take-Home Touch up Whitening Kit 

After your session with us, we will be creating and giving you a customized take-home kit. Each kit consists of personalized bleaching trays, whitening gel, and specific instructions from the dentist on how and when to use it. 

To maintain your new white smile, we recommend limiting certain food and beverages that could cause re-staining. We encourage you to be diligent with your oral hygiene practices at home along with your bi-yearly cleanings with the dentist. 

Enhance Your Smile Today 

Please take full advantage of our professional teeth whitening if you are wanting to enhance your smile. We want you to feel good about your teeth to improve confidence and self-esteem. Call us at Stoker Family Dental in Idaho Falls, Idaho, to have any questions answered about the details of our Zoom Whitening.