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Do you have a broken tooth? Broken, cracked, and chipped teeth are common. Though possibly a bit painful, a broken tooth is nothing to get upset about as long as you get the right treatment and you get that treatment as soon as possible. 

In 2015, The American Association of Endodontists (AAE) referred to cracked teeth as an epidemic. Cracks and fractures are the third leading cause of tooth loss today. Often a patient does not know they have broken or cracked teeth and will come to see us when they start to feel pain. This is why we recommend regular checkups, typically about twice a year. 


Do you have a Broken Tooth?

As soon as you know you need treatment, act fast to make an appointment. Waiting too long can cause a minor problem to blossom into a larger one. The crack or break creates an entry point into your tooth, where bacteria and other harmful substances can inflict tooth decay and cause an infection. A broken tooth may not seem too bad at first but often means a weakened tooth structure. The crack or break can grow larger, becoming more painful and causing more problems.


It’s Better to be Safe Than Sorry

Let the experts at Stoker Family Dental take a look at any tooth damage as soon as it happens. You may not know the severity of the damage until we can perform an examination. 


What are Some Common Causes of a Broken Tooth?

Teeth are strong and meant to last a lifetime, but breaks do occur. With proper care, you can avoid a broken tooth. Some things to keep in mind:

  • Chew with care: Lots of foods can be harder than you expect, and you could experience a broken tooth when you least expect it. Chewing popcorn is a very common cause of a broken tooth. Popcorn is cooked to be soft and buttery, but obviously, there can be an unpopped kernel that you can bite into. Teeth are hard, but so are popcorn kernels. Biting into one too hard can easily cause a broken tooth.
  • Chew ice with care: Many people like to chew ice, for example, after finishing a soda fountain drink from a big, ice-filled cup. This can cause stress on the teeth, which can loosen teeth. Chewing ice can also cause breaks.
  • Avoid tooth decay: If your teeth are stressed due to disease or improper care, they can be less resilient than healthy teeth. Tooth decay, infection, and worn enamel can lead to a weakened tooth that is more susceptible to breaking. Take good care of your teeth! Brush often, floss, and keep your regular checkup appointments to ensure your teeth are in their best possible shape.
  • Protect yourself from injury: Obviously, bumps and bangs are common causes of broken teeth. Consider wearing a mouthguard to protect your teeth if you play sports.
  • Use your teeth only for chewing food: You may be surprised to know how many patients experience a broken tooth because they were biting into the tape to cut it or trying to open packaging with their teeth. Use your teeth for chewing food, and use scissors for cutting tape.


Sometimes a broken tooth will need to be extracted. Other times we can save the natural tooth. Some common ways to address a broken tooth are:


  • Bridges: A bridge can cover the gap left behind by an extracted tooth.
  • Implants: Dental implants serve as a base for a new tooth after a tooth has been extracted.
  • Crowns: Crowns can fit over the top of a damaged tooth, restoring beauty and strength.
  • Root canal: A broken tooth can be susceptible to compounding problems such as decay and infection. A root canal will restore the tooth’s health.


Don’t Wait, Call Today

Keep your teeth in a healthy, beautiful state. Set an appointment to see the experts at Stoker Family Dental today. We’ll get you on a regular checkup schedule to help you take the best possible care of your teeth. We’ll correctly, professionally, comfortably address a broken tooth if you already have one. 

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