Cosmetic Dentistry in Idaho Falls, Idaho

Through cosmetic dentistry, each patient has the power to customize any aspect of their smile. Stoker Family Dental in Idaho Falls, Idaho, provides several services that allow each patient to enhance their smile into something that will help boost their self-esteem. Below we have listed some of the treatments and procedures that we offer that can change or enhance the appearance of your smile. 

Dental Bonding: When you have a chipped or broken tooth that is still firmly rooted in your mouth, it is not always necessary to replace the whole tooth. Dental bonding allows us to fix the small chip in your tooth to restore your smile in no time. Bonding is done with a dental, moldable, tooth-colored resin that is cemented onto your tooth and then shaved down to match the original shape. 

Dental Implants: Whether you lose a tooth from physical activity, oral disease, or extraction, there are many restorative options available to replace your tooth and bring your smile back. The process of receiving a dental implant can be tedious and time-consuming, but the permanent results are well worth it. A tooth crown can be custom made to fix the exact shape and color of your original tooth, and then placed onto the implant. Dental implants give you complete functionality of an artificial tooth with long-term permanence and security.

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Veneers: If there are multiple changes that you would like to make to your smile, dental veneers could be the right cosmetic dental treatment for you. Veneers are small pieces of porcelain that act as shells for your teeth, enhancing major characteristics of your teeth and giving your smile a whole new appearance. Veneers, if properly taken care of, can be a permanent solution for enhancing your smile, oral health, and overall confidence.

Teeth Whitening: Teeth whitening is one of the most common and least expensive ways to dramatically change the appearance of your smile. Through professional bleaching performed in the office, the shade of your teeth can change in just an hour, giving you a brighter smile that allows you to feel more confident. Teeth whitening will not alter the shape of your teeth in any way, it simply lightens the shade and brightness. 

Dental Crowns: When a tooth experiences serious decay, it is most likely necessary to remove the entire enamel to prevent a complete extraction. To protect the remaining portion of the tooth and restore functionality, we can create a dental crown. Once the customized, artificial tooth is bonded to the remaining natural tooth, your teeth will look and feel amazing. 

If you are in the Idaho Falls, Idaho, area, please reach out to us at Stoker Family Dental with any questions that you may have about cosmetic dentistry. We invite you to explore more of our website to read about our different procedures in more detail. Here at Stoker Family Dental, our priority is helping you achieve a smile you love through Cosmetic Dentistry.