Fillings are the most common restoration for teeth damaged by decay or injury, and advances in technology have revolutionized the materials available to restore your smile. We do not use the silver fillings or amalgam mercury fillings that were used in the past that created dark and discolored areas that stood out from the rest of your smile. Metal fillings expanded and contracted with temperature changes, allowing bacteria to enter and cause decay, and additionally caused weakening of the tooth and possible fractures. We at Progressive Dental Group use only the latest technology to create a metal-free filling that is both healthy and aesthetically pleasing. Composite fillings are a safer, stronger and more enduring restoration that bonds directly to your tooth and allows more of the healthy natural tooth structure to remain.

We do a variety of different extractions for different reasons from; extractions requested by orthodontists, when decay has rendered the tooth structure unrestorable and wisdom teeth on a case by case basis.