General Dentistry

Without staying consistent with your twice-a-year cleanings and examinations, it can be hard to maintain a clean and healthy smile on your own. Here at Stoker Family Dental, we value your smile and understand the effort it takes to maintain a beautiful smile and prevent serious dental issues from occurring. If you are in the Idaho Falls, Idaho, area, we offer many general dentistry services to help you achieve and maintain a smile that you love. 

Dental Exams and X-Rays: Each time you visit our office, our hygienists and the dentist will perform quick oral exams of all of your teeth. These exams are completely painless and can help us determine if any dental problems are occurring. At least once a year, digital x-rays will be taken to check alignment and any other deeper problems that do not appear on the surface. 

Dental Cleanings: At your bi-yearly visit to the dentist, you will receive a professional cleaning. We advocate for good oral hygiene year-round on your own, but some spots may be hard to reach, so we recommend a deep, thorough cleaning to make sure any bacteria is removed. Each professional cleaning includes the removal of all plaque and food, deep cleaning of your enamel, and finishes with professional flossing. The cleaning is sure to leave you with a bright, fresh smile.

Fluoride: We give each patient the option of applying fluoride treatment after their cleaning and examinations. Fluoride is a white, sticky substance that is painted onto the surface of your teeth at the end of your cleaning. Fluoride helps strengthen the enamel of your teeth to help fight off different bacterias and acids. It is colorless and has no taste; you can eat and drink normally after the application of fluoride. 

Fillings: Cavities occur when acid and bacteria build up, and over time burn a small hole in your tooth. A filling is done to remove the decay from the tooth and then fill in the hole with tooth-colored composite resin. Fillings can also be used to help repair broken teeth and can help prevent any future decay. 

Tooth Extractions: Sometimes, a tooth with major decay cannot be fixed by a simple tooth restoration. When this happens, it is necessary to extract the tooth to prevent it from infecting surrounding areas. Circumstances for tooth extraction may vary, but the most common ones are excessive tooth decay, wisdom teeth removal, and broken or cracked teeth below the gum line. We do everything we can to save each tooth, but in the rare circumstances that they can’t be saved, it is better for your oral health that they are removed. 

Sealants: A sealant is a preventative dental treatment where a liquid resin is placed and hardened on the surfaces of your back molars. The first liquid material is applied to the chewing surface and allowed to seep into the deep pits and fissures of the teeth. Once hardened, the sealant becomes slippery and prevents food or other decay from infecting the top portion of the tooth. Sealants are most commonly put in place for children, but any patient can benefit from the placement of the sealant. 

General Dentistry is necessary in order to maintain a clean and healthy smile. Bi-yearly cleanings and check-ups are highly encouraged to prevent any serious, tooth damaging, issues from occurring. If you are in the Idaho Falls, Idaho, area and are looking for general dental care, come see us! Here at Stoker Family Dental, we will do everything in our power to help you maintain a beautiful smile.